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Highly recommend the replacement option.

I bought a pair of SASS Vaqueros a while back and love them. I shoot gunfighter style in CAS, and try as I may, I cannot prevent the occasional mixup between my "right side" pistol and my "left side" one. They're perfectly identical to the point that I can only tell them apart by serial, especially after I clean them.

Ruger makes very sturdy guns, and Vaqueros are about as sturdy as they get. The only issue I had before purchasing my pair of wheels was that Ruger tends to slightly alter his models every 10,000 or so. While improvements are nice, this restricts the buyer to a specific range of gun serials, should he or she ever wish to replace or pair a previously purchased firearm.

That said, my personal vote is to sell/buy or trade for the SASS pair. Either way, you made a good choice already going with Ruger.
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