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I still think the 3 1/2" chamber is a waste of money - unless you intend to use it for Goose hunting specifically....and nobody I know wants to shoot all day with 3 1/2" shells at Geese a fixed breech shotgun (vs a semi-auto) which will take some of the abuse out of those big heavy magnum loads.

....and a lot of guys still hunt Geese with 3" shells anyway....

#1 on my list is still the BPS...for smoothness of the action and resale.
#2 on my list would be the Nova ...but the ones I've fired were not nearly as smooth at the BPS
#3 on my list is the 870 ....resale value isn't there / way too many of them made..and the lower end of the 870's (the express models) is where most of the sales are in that line of guns these days - with mixed reviews ( rough chambers, not spectacular triggers, fit to finish a little rough ).
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