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Well I have to say, great posts to answer your original question.

I would like to put a little different slant on carrying in hot places, as in my home town, Orlando FL.

The two most important factors to a concealed fire arm.

1/ It must go bang, every time you press the trigger.

2/ A fairly quick presentation (when you need it, you need it NOW!)

My solution, a Glock 19, used in CCW/IDPA/G lic. Security carry, same pistol.

It has never malfunctioned, or failed to fire, both hands, one hand, left or right.
So, dress armed, the tight white under Armour tee shirt, and a Florida shirt over it, belt holster, and spare magazine on the left, even a surefire flash light.

At 77 years of age, 200lbs, I am totally comfortable, not wanting to be a victim, the points I have raised are important to me.

In your case, take your pick. And go in safety.
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