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Ruger 77/22

Catching up with this thread very late, but I'll add a couple of comments re American .22's. First is the Ruger 77/22 as a possible selection. I have one in .22WRM, (not a cartridge know for accuracy), the VBZ version with the heavy 24" barrel. I bought it for varmint shooting & have had a trigger job, (2 lbs) & action bedding job. At 50 yards, it shoots .200-.230" five round groups with Federal Champion 40 gr FMJ bullets, sub 1" groups are standard @ 100 yds with the same ammo. No other ammo will match it in this rifle. I suspect the same rifle in .22 LR S/B even more accurate.
I also noted a comment on a Henry lever, I also have one, it mounts a little 2.5X Tasco & with CCI Maxi-mag ammo it shoots 1" groups @ 50 yards, a real suprize ! Have to try it with some match ammo & see what it is really capible of.
Currently working on a CZ 455 Varmint with a Nikon 2X7 power P22 scope. I've only run 250 rounds thru it so far but it's shooting 1/4" five round groups at 50 yards with Wolf MT ammo. So far I've only tweaked the factory trigger adjustment & replaced the factory lube on the trigger sear with TS-70 moly lube for a nice crisp 2 1/8 lb trigger. Sorry it's not American made, but the CZ's do shoot !
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