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First off there seems to be some confusion on the actions here. Since 2006 when Savage changed the mag release on the detachable magazines the screw spacing has been 4.4". Here is a good reference on Savage action screw spacing. Savage didn't produce an Accustock rifle until 2009 so all Accustocks use the 4.4" screw spacing. Unless you have a Single Shot Target action all Savage actions use only two action screws. Even in the picture posted above there is only two action screws, the third (wood) screw only attach├ęs the trigger guard to the stock.

Yes the Accustock uses a different recoil lug or at least it did when first introduced in 09. However Savage is already on the second generation of Accustock where they took out the Accuwedge that was giving everyone fits when re-installing the stock. Regardless if the recoil lug is different the OP's barreled action can be fitted to the stock. If it isn't a drop in fit and he doesn't want to modify the stock to fit, a qualified gunsmith or someone with a little talent and patience can do it as well. Same goes with the bolt release and barrel nut change, I'd lay money down that Savage didn't change the stock at all when they changed the bolt release or barrel nut.

The question is does the OP really want an Accustock bad enough to track one down or pay the price to get one from Savage.
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