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Originally Posted by AH.74
...Going in and meeting with agents face to face is not "inappropriate" or "unhelpful"; on the contrary. These people do still work for us after all and your post IMO contributes to the OP's impression that these people are unapproachable...
It depends on who one is meeting with and for what purpose. And it's not a question of whether agency staff is unapproachable. It's a question of whether an approach will serve one's particular purpose.

If the OP wants some official and binding from ATF that when he's in Florida he's a Florida resident under ATF regulations, meeting with an agent won't do him any good.

Originally Posted by AH.74
...Also, you use the terms "formal opinion", "legal opinion" and "legal ruling." What exactly is a letter from an agency attorney going to be in this case?
I used the terms rather loosely, and different agencies may use different terminology (such a letter from the IRS is called a Private Letter Ruling).

Basically, what the OP seems to want is an official and clear statement from ATF that under his particular circumstances, which he will describe accurately and in detail in his letter request, when he is present in Florida he would be a resident of Florida under ATF regulations and for the purposes of the federal interstate transfer of firearms statutes.
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