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Gotta disagree with you Shadi on your assessment of night sights' benefits. In a darkened bedroom, (ours is right at 21'), they keep us on the target. I've got some experience with the P290, carry one as my rotation gun when the S&W M36 J-frame is off my hip, and find that I really like the night sights, and wish the Smith had them!

On the bedside table, those little green dot's make finding the gun easier, and tests on my home range here on the farm, in the dark, show that they're effective at all realistic ranges. Not so with my beloved Smith...beyond 8-10' it might scare the BG's or blind 'em with the muzzle flash, but hits on target will be scarce.

As to the P290: it's a good gun, with a long trigger pull but easy to adapt to, accuracy with a two handed Weaver Stance is just over an inch at 10 yds (with either the 6 or 8 rnd. mag.), and great reliability. I've had one FTF (light primer strike) in over 500 rounds now. A thorough cleaning of the bolt, firing pin and firing pin race has hopefully cured the light strike issue. The front night sight went dark after a month, but Sig cheerfully replaced that in less than a week's time. All in all, I like the gun, and trust it for carry purposes.

I can't empathize with those who find the P290's slide too thick... but then I usually carry a J-frame revolver for the most part...and finally, at 20 oz., the Sig P290 is just too heavy for my pocket pocket carry, but does make it easier to control for follow up shots. Instead, I use a waist belt holster of my own design in the old "FBI" 4 o'clock position.

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