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Those Hornady dies are no better than any other brand. The fit of that sleeve is so bad it really does nothing better than any other brand. Then after you use it for awhile, the guts dump out on the downstroke because that cheesy spring clip gives up the fight to keep everything inside the die. Then you're dead-in-the-water until Hornady ships you another one.

Hornady bought out the Pacific tool & die company. The Pacific dies worked OK, but they attempted to cover lousy machining by chrome plating everything. Hornady eliminated that, but the machining didn't improve much.

Their recent improvements have been to copy lee's idea of a sliding decapper stem held by a collet. But they failed to do it right, you couldn't clamp it tight enough to hold it. So it got re-designed with the "zip spindle" which is sort-of threaded.

The older rifle FL sizer dies had the neck expander ball GLUED to the stem! It's a good thing their service is good, you're going to need it!
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