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The .22 is probably the most fun and cheapest way to get into shooting and also keep up good shooting habits. In my youth I had a 10/22 that I could not tell how many thousands and thousands of

rounds I shot through. During that time you could get Winchester Wildcat .22 for $0.79 a box/$7.90 a brick from Roses Stores (anybody remember those stores). Many, many fun filled afternoons and

weekends was spent shooting with family and friends for a little of nothing, but I guess priceless memories today. Unfortunately, someone wanted that .22 worse than me and it was stolen some years

ago. I have replaced it with another 10/22 and picked up a henry lever .22 and I still enjoy shooting with the family and teaching my young girls (9yo and 4yo) to have fun and be safe with firearms.

The .22 line of rimfire was probably one of the best cartridges ever invented!
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