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My favorite carry package is my J-frame (S&W 638) AIWB at 10:30 (lefty). I had this reverse canted, low riding leather holster with tuckable clip custom made to my specifications by James Dean Gunleather. I asked for the rounded edge so there would be no corners that might make for discomfort. It is made of finest Herman Oak leather and hand stitched. James also does the smoothest, best finished edges I have seen. Isn't it a beauty?

(That's not my gun in the holster.)

The low ride and reverse cant make the grip lay down horizontally on top of my belt, where it hides underneath my middle-aged belly that expands above it, making for no printing under a loose shirt. The reverse cant also does 2 other things: it moves the muzzle over toward the center enough that it doesn't jam against the top of my thigh when I am seated, and it presents the gun at an angle that favors the natural backward direction of the draw from that position.

Other advantages? The accessibility of the gun for quick deployment is ideal. The weak hand can pull the shirt out of the way when drawing. This is not the case when carrying on or behind the hip. The draw is less attention getting because the elbow doesn't go way up and back like when drawing from the hip. Reholstering is easier because you can see what you are doing and the weak hand can help if needed.

And, the super duper advantage, IMO? Drawing the gun is just as easy when seated as when standing! Being a lefty, it even works when I am buckled into the driver's seat of my car. (Sorry, this won't work for righties because of the shoulder strap. You have to ride shotgun for it to work for you. )
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