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Gun Show

Had a nice time at the gun show on Saturday morning even though I did not buy anything.

There is a guy who is brining in a good selection of Pietta revolvers, mostly steel frames and he is getting 240.00 to 260.00 for each. These are new in box and those prices are not bad.

He does not have anything special so I am not interested in just buying more of the same.

Rather large vendor had a Springfield trapdoor for 500.00. Rifle was in pretty good shape with excellent bore. I should have bought it and if I already had the dies and molds I would have done so.

There is a different vendor who has been bringing a Vaquero in 44-40. Blued with pearl grips. Nice looking revolver but it is whipped. Lot of holster wear, ring on the cylinder. He wants 400.00 and is not budging from that price. I think that and the fact that it is 44-40 is why it comes back again and again.

Georgia Arms was there as usual with their great prices on ammunition. .45 LC for fifty cents a round. .357 for 38 cents a round. They had .45 LC once fired brass for 13 cents each, but no .357 brass. Different guy had .45-70 brass for 82 cents a piece.

No one is ever at the shows with used presses or loading equipment. Only vendors are Georgia Arms with new Lee and RCBS equipment. Prices for dies are about 10 percent lower than the LGS, but they never bring anything but dies in sets.

I did not buy anything at the show but bought a .357 Uberti Cattleman with a 7 1/2 inch barrel new in box off of Gunbroker for 410 plus shipping plus FFL. Also picked up the crimp die the lube sizer and the mold for a 125 grain bullet from Titan Reloading. I like those guys. Prices are right, service is good, willing to talk to you. As long as you like Lee products, they are a pretty good option.

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