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This is a pretty good thread....

....I don't really have anything of substance to add, but not having anything to say, never impeded me from talking. (I brush my teeth with 777 so I can shoot off my mouth.)

I like that Navy London.

I have an Uberti Cattleman cap and ball and a Pietta equivalent, cap and ball and there is very little difference in the two revolvers. Pietta new was a hundred bucks less and I think the quality of Uberti over Pietta does not warrant the price. I also have an Uberti cattleman in .45 Long Colt and it is nearly identical to the Cap and Ball pistol.

Please note that I am only a casual shooter and many on the forum who shoot more than I do might see a difference that I am unable to detect.

An additional consideration is that the folks who take revolvers and smooth them up post manufacture seem to like Uberti's (witness Cimarron). I am not sophistocated enough to know why that is, but it may be an artifact of days gone by when there was a more pronounced difference in quality.

I'm just sayin....

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