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I usually go with Glock

I've got "upper end" 1911's (Les Baer, Ed Brown) and like them fine but typically carry a Glock.

My most frequent method of carry is appendix IWB or Smartcarry and a full size 1911 won't work; I had 3'' 1911's for those methods and still went back to the subcompact 26/27/33 or 29/30 size Glock.

When I do carry strong side IWB, the 1911 is noticeably thinner (IMO it's main asset to me) than the Glock and therefore potentially more comfortable. Still, a Glock 23, or 32 is usually going on my hip.

Out of my 32 (.375 SiG) I've obtained the following averages for 5 shots:
CCI Speer Gold Dot 125 gr. @ 1,334 fps / 494# KE
Winchester Ranger T 125 gr. @ 1,340 fps / 499# KE
Cor-Bon 125 gr. @ 1,380 fps / 528# KE

If you want a semi-auto that replicated the ballistics of your model 19 revolver the Glock 32 is it.

Although, the hot .40 S&W loads are nearly in the same boat when looking at KE:
Glock 23 (40 S&W):
Winchester Ranger T 165 gr. @ 1,125 fps / 464# KE
CCI Speer Gold Dot 155 gr. @ 1,171 fps / 472# KE

My 29SF (10mm) can easily top the prior two pistols in the KE department and felt recoil isn't much worse since the slide is a little thicker & heavier. I've only tried one load and decided to stick with it since it's controlable, works 100% in my pistol and I've been able to duplicate the load exactly with my own handloads.
Hornady 155 gr. XTP @ 1,278 fps / 562# KE

Edit: You mentioned 45 acp, my model 30SF delivers the following:
Winchester Ranger T 230 gr. @ 874 fps / 390# KE / PF 201
Hornady 185 XTP handload @ 970 fps / 387# KE / PF 179
Although the KE produced by those to loads ^ is nearly the same I much prefer my handload for control and speed of 2nd / subsequent shots.
PF = power factor (bullet weight x bullet speed / 1,000) and the calculation matches my impression, the 185 bullet produces less recoil.

I like Pearce +0 base plate with pinky rest on my 29SF and it definitely helps with control; however, on the 30SF the base is different, on both the factory 10 round mag base and Pearce, and I can't tolerate either. My pinky gets pinched with either of those; so, I use the flush fitting 9 round magazine and have no room for pinky.

All those numbers are actual averages from my pistols, not data from a website, calculation, or side of a box.
If I have to defend my life, I'd prefer more than "better than nothing" in my hand.

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