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Sorry to bring a somewhat older thread back to life but, is there a reason the S&W 22A wasn't mentioned with the others? It seems in the same price range as the Baretta Neos. The the S&W 22A a not well liked .22LR?
Probably because the S&W 22/a and 22/s are pieces of junk.
My 22/s is one helluva shooter - but - it's a piece of junk.
Pity since all S&W would have had to do was make about $100 (retail) in changes to the line and they would have had such an excellent product.

My only guess there is that they wanted to stay in the same budget price range as Ruger and Browning. (~ $300/$400).

If they would have aimed a little higher (no pun intended), S&W could have had a real winner.

Look, I started with a Ruger 22/45. It didn't take me a couple months to get bored with it and start looking for a centerfire.

I would go ahead and get a 9mm from the start. CZ makes the Kadet slide for about $300 if you desire to shoot 22 at a later date, and it fits on the P01
I couldn't agree more.
I've lost track of the sheer number of "newbies" I've taken out that didn't want something "more" on their very first trip to the range.
I used to be one of those that believed a .22 was a good starter, but, not any more.
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