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The Mirokus are nice, but there was really nothing wrong with the pre-safety non-angle-eject design.
my understanding is that the post 64 Winchester 94's (from 1965 to 1980 or thereabouts) used inferior metal on their barrels and receivers which were prone to pitting/rusting. when the angle-eject was introduced they went back to using 100% forged steel. I don't know how Miroku manufactures the new Winchester 94 but by all accounts they're a quality firearm and superior in every way to all post 64's. Of course, the safety features suck but the mechanics and aesthetics appear to be top notch. to me it's like comparing a new Honda to an old Chevy pick-up truck, meaning you'll pay a premium price tag to own a premium rifle. Either way, the deer aren't going to notice.

I personally have no problem with the new Winchester 94 being made in Japan. Sure, it would be nice if they brought production of this classic American icon back to US shores like the Model 70, but somehow I doubt that would bring prices down, meaning, customers would still find ways to complain about cost. I look at it this way. Every Tom, Dick and Harry that's selling an older Winchester 94 is already asking a premium for their rifle. At the rate these older Winchesters keep going up in price you might as well buy a new Miroku made Winchester.
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