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WOW to the WOW Factor. I am truely blessed to be were I am as far as ranges go. I guess I an sort of close to ole farts, I am 54.
Why am i blessed. We love people of ALL AGES to shoot at our range. We strongly encourage youth and young people to get to shooting. Friendly folks, lots of neat guns to drool about.
One thing I noticed is some younger men seem to try to be mucho man, of course most of that goes away when they get a couple of shooting tips and suddenly they are shooting better and really having fun. Thats OK, As long as they are SAFE. On my range SAFETY is rule one. Everything else can be worked with.
If you ever get to Washington come see what I am talking about.
Describes my club for the most part. I routinely spend more than half my time talking to guys that are 30-40 years older than me, and I am not that young myself. Sometimes my wife laughs because I hang out with those guys way more than people my own age. We have similar interests though, and thats what matters.
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