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Originally Posted by bulletproof View Post
Well, I placed an order 11/01/12, & I thought I'd post my selections now for ya'll to see. I apologize Metal, that I still haven't had time to read your Range report as close as I'd like, so I'l hold off on my reply, if you don't mind. 24 hours just ain't as long, for me, as it used to be! So, with that in mind, here's what I ordered.

I decided to go with this because the majority of the reviews were very positive, and I was tired of looking. And, I could not find a holograph that I was comfortable with, even though I think I might have liked it better, but, I have no proof of that.


Okay, I ordered this because I saw a you tube or read somewhere that this would be needed to co-witness this red dot with iron sights, in the 1/3 picture(?). I hope you know what I'm meaning with the 1/3 picture, but, I can't remember the proper description for the co-witness thingy. This may help my explanation. I know I saw one you tube, and the fella had a different riser, and the sight picture was up higher, but, he said it still worked for him. So, I still plan on getting iron sites sooner, rather than later, I hope.


Now, I don't know if this thing will work or not. I've never used a bore sighter before, but, thought with the price of ammo these days, it might pay for itself. There were both positive and negative reviews for this thing. So, I don't know. Any of ya'll have experience with bore sighters in general, or maybe even this model???

4) So, what do you think of my selections???????
I bought the same red dot and riser mount and I'm hoping to get to the range tomorrow to try it out!

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