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I like what you got and I think you will enjoy the red-dot alot . As for the bore sight laser . I have that very model and it works just fine . I've used it at least 15 times and I have always been on paper at 50 yards .

There are two thngs worth noting about the sighter . 1 ) It worked on my ARs but because of the flash hider it may not seat perfect . 2 ) This will help for the AR issue . Sometimes the laser is not calibrated perfectly .

What I do is sight the rifle in as directed then turn the bore sight a 1/2 turn making sure it's still firmly in place and look down/through the sight again. If your sight is still lined up with the dot from the bore sight it's calibrated well . Mine is not . When you turn the bore sight you can see the area that the bore sight dot moves . I just find the middle ground of wear I see the dot move around .Sorry Im having a hard time thinking of a better way to explain this . When you use the bore sight you will see what I mean about all this . Now that I've scared the hell out of you how else may I be of help .

Don't worry it works fine , you should not have a problem .

EDIT : OK I just tested someting out with 3 of my rifles and it works . If you have a scoped rifle that you know is zeroed . you can test the bore sighter with that gun first . Just turn the bore sighter tell the dot lines up with the cross hires ( as close as you can get it ) then mark the the bore sight so you know what position to put it in for the rest of your rifles . I marked mine so it should always be facing striaght up . When I put it in my other two rifles that I know are sighted in . It lined up almost perfect .Definitely close enough to get on paper at 50 yards and as close as it lined up I bet I would be on paper at 100 yds .
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