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Fiddling with the XS, an Adjustable Pad

I thought it best to address my questions regarding gun fit and utitilizing an Adjustable Pad seperately from the Adjustable Comb thread.

I shoot a Browning Citori XS Skeet with a parallel stock and my neck is a bit long (and possibly arthritic). In order for me to get a firm cheek weld I have to either slide the gun up so the heel is well above my shoulder or I have to lean far over the comb so that my glasses almost touch my thumb. And then it is very hard to maintain a good cheek weld as I really have to force my head down on the stock.

I think the solution to this piece of the fit issue may be an Adjustable Pad. Today I tried emulating the fit of one by unscrewing the standard pad, removing the screws, sliding it down 1", and taping it in place. It seemed to reliefe a lot of the pressure on my neck and enable me to keep a good cheek weld.

No, BigJim, I am not going to fire it with the pad taped in place like that!

In short, I hope to emulate a Monte Carlo stock with an adjustable pad. Any comments or suggestions? Any favorite makes? I am also considering one as part of a recoil reduction system.
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