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Rem 870's

due to the fact that they have been manufactured for so many years, and so many are owned, have the largest selection of aftermarket accessories, including barrels of every length, choke tubes of every constriction, etc.

In other words, 870 parts and accessories are widely available, and every little "hole in the wall" LGS and every gunsmith can provide them to you.

For example, I have two 870 Wingmasters, both in right handed actions. This was a problem, because I am a lefty. So, I went to a local gun shop and had them install a lefty safety button in both guns. The ejection port on both is still on the right side, but the shells crossing in front of me are not a problem.

Another LGS put sling swivels on my 12 ga 870, so I can sling carry and shoot it like a rifle, when I use it with rifled slugs to hunt deer. I have a 20 inch slug barrel, a 26 inch barrel with Rem Chokes and ventilated rib, and a 28 inch barrel in fixed modified choke, no rib-three barrels, each for different uses.

Both fixes were no big deal, because both LGS's had worked on every modification possible for 870's for decades.
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