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We should be.

It sounds to me like a lot of people haven't thought this through, and based their posts in reactionary fear.

Which is what antis do.

A weapon is a tool, nothing more. Like a hammer, a chainsaw, a drill or a pickup.

Tools get scratched, beat up, used and abused.

I loan tools of all kinds to some folks, and when I do, I don't do any of the hand wringing I see written about in this thread.

I don't worry about the small nicks you put on the head of the hammer, what you might cut with the chainsaw or what might get shot.

This, in particular:
And if it is your firearm it is still your responsibility to keep it safe at all times.
is wrong, and based in ignorance.

Actions and choices, not ownership, title or trademarks.

Sometimes I wonder how rights are lost, other times, it's quite clear.
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