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I had an LCP with a laser. I since traded it away for a Keltec PF-9 with a laser. I have lasers on 4 pistols that I may have to use in a defense situation. Carry (PF-9), car (XDm-9), nightstand (Glock 17) and sofa (Glock 34).

Some people think that they are only useful in low light situations, that's flat out wrong. Here in Houston we have very bright sunny days and the only time I can't see the pointer is when the sun is direct. If a cloud is passing in front of it you can see the pointer. Indoors they make regular sight redundant and too slow.

I do use laser for training, and also train with regular sight, but you know that the LCP has terrible sights and a laser makes a tremendous difference.

I chuckle every time I see an add for night sights. That to me seems idiotic when for $80 you can get the new universal microlasers that mount onto a rail.
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