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Three Pump Shotguns

Went to Bass Pro tonight, was slow 'cause of the time, had a good hour and a half with the guy behind the counter, who was very knowledgeable and spent time going over each gun with me in detail. Basically I narrowed this down to three, Browning BPS, Benelli SuperNova, Remington 870. On each I would want one that takes 3.5 shells.

Now for a few questions. First, out of these three choices which would be the best choice do you think for my first pump and why?

Second, I cannot decide between 26 inch and 28 inch. Again, this will be for something to have around the house, self-defense, and to also get out and shoot and enjoy shooting. Which barrel length would be best?

Third, there is also still a small part of me that is considering one of the
"knock-offs" per se, Stevens, Norinco, Pardner, etc. Out of those, which is the best, and why?

Thanks so much!!!
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