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Can I change the spring to one with less tension? If so, will a lighter spring change the way the gun operates...?
The recoil spring's stiffness affects how the gun cycles after firing. Depending on the gun's design, changing the stiffness may cause reliability problems with certain types of ammo, and may cause premature wear in some cases.

Gun designers are cognizant that pistol slides are hard for some people to operate, so they will usually specify the softest spring that will cycle all (or at least most) types of factory ammo reliably. That's the bad news. However, if the gun is brand new, the good news is that most pistol slides become easier to operate after the gun is "broken in" by firing 50-500 rounds.

FWIW you may see ads for softer "reduced power" recoil springs for some pistols. These are generally intended to increase reliability with special custom-loaded, low-power, low-recoil ammo used for target competition. Although these springs also make the slide easier to operate, they will usually cause reliability problems with standard full-power ammo, so they're generally NOT recommended for defensive use.

[EDIT] That said... if the gun has been "broken in" and the slide remains considerably harder to operate than other TCP slides, this may be an indication that something is causing excessive friction inside the gun. If this is the case, a call to factory customer service may be a good idea.
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