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Originally Posted by FirstTimer
I was looking on information on the G20 & if it was really necessary to put on a different barrel to fire .40S&W using this gun. My google search led me to this post where you were showing off your G20 Gen4

I'd like to know how you got it and where I can get one. Glock's website has no info on a Gen4 G20.

One other thing, since you seem really knowledgeable, maybe you can tell me why a different barrel is necessary to fire the 40S&W rounds through the G20.

On a lot of the reloading sites it shows the same lead bullets for 10mm/.40S&W. Since it's the same size, why the need for a different barrel? Thanks for your help!

BTW, I am new to all this, but I've been doing a LOT of research.
It'd be great if you posted this over on my original thread so everyone could read it and benefit as others have asked this before as well. If you could do that when you get this I'd appreciate it.
Originally posted by plouffedaddy
Is it necessary to use a different barrel? No. But you should. Reason being the chamber is a different length and the gap that will exist when firing 40 may lead to excessive pressure spikes in your barrel which is never good. Many have shot a lot of 40 in their 10mm but there are also some pics out there of guns that locked up after doing so---it's ultimately your choice.

Gen4 G20s are only available through the Blue Label (mostly LE/MIL) program currently. They won't be available to the general public until after Shot Show next year.
I originally e-mailed plouffedaddy directly about this rather than resurrect an old thread, but he said a lot of people have the same questions and to repost it on the thread that led me to message him. it is!
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