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Vaquero problem. Thoughts?

I have two .357 SS Vaqueros that I bought about two years apart. The first is a 510 serial number the second is a 511 serial number. The first is great and I love it. The second, I was hoping for the same but got far from it. The sights are milled wider, which I actually prefer and can have done to the older one but the action is terrible. The fit and finish on the 511 is also nowhere even close to that of the 510. Also for some reason the 511 weighs noticeable more for some reason.

I'm thinking about trading them in for a pair of SASS consecutive serial numbered ones. That way the should be as close to the same as possible. My other option is to send them of to a gunsmith to have the 510's sights widened and the action worked over on the 511 so it feels the same as the 510. Also, I put a pair of Altamont grips on them and the texture of the two is greatly different. So, I have to buy at least one more grips in hopes of getting a similar texture to one of the existing ones.

Which way do you think I should go? The fix or the trade?
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