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tipoc: So.....shooting someone in the head area with a .22lr for close-range assasination purposes is effective, but shooting someone in the head with a .22lr for self-defense is ineffective?

Also, I don't hear anyone suggesting that the .22lr pistol is the best choice for a gunfight....for me, the 12ga. is minimum caliber for that. Anything in a pistol caliber is, to paraphrase another TFL member, the starting pistol for this fat man's mad dash away from danger. If what I have with me is a .22lr pistol, I won't abandon all hope, either. And I'll try to manage the situation where, if I ever have to shoot a BG, it won't be a gunfight.....I aim to cheat.

amd6547: Good insight. The .22lr is definitely not a beginners pistol. Then again, neither is the .38/.357 j-frame snub. And how many times have beginners here gotten that advice?.....

But, the .22lr medium-frame pistols and revolvers make great beginners guns that can also be pressed into service as SD weapons. Ten rounds from a 617 or 22/45 can definitely change the immediate desires of any BG.....
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