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Some information regarding how the Mossad used the 22 lr cartridge from a handgun is available on the internet and other sources. It was not used primarily as a combat or defensive round. It was used for assassinations. Meaning that they literally walked up to unsuspecting folks and shot them multiple times in the head at point blank range. The guns so used were sometimes suppressed. The low report of the 22 made them useful for this type work.

There are a few instances of the 22 being used in gunfights. In some cases successfully. But again, rarely.

The Mossad and the IDF standard caliber for defense and combat was and is the 9mm. No army or law enforcement agency issues the 22 as a primary duty sidearm.

The Berretta Model 70 weighs close to a pound and a half and is over 6" in length.

Some 22 pistols (the High Standard for example) were used by the U.S. military and other armies from suppressed handguns to remove sentries during and after WWII. But here again this was head shots from relatively close range and from hiding. Not from open combat or intended for gun fighting.

They were also provided for some pilots as survival tools in the case of forced downing. Here again though the idea was to hunt small game or to signal, not for combat.


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