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You get an EIGHTH of the big closet??? Wow, I can't even imagine getting so much
I do not necessarily recommend it but a divorce will net you all the closet space and a comfortable spare bedroom to be turned into the gun room, also you do not have to talk about the new gun purchase with anyone but yourself.

I grew up with all the guns and ammo unsecured. Now I lock up some of the guns, for theft protection. The low use ammo and reloading stuff goes on a shelf in the gun room. The stuff I am using more is in cans and the stuff I am using a lot is probably on the floor in the back seat of my truck. The gun room has a pad lock but I do not use it much.

By the way I do still have one kid at home. She is a great hunting and shooting buddy. Mostly I use the gun room lock if she has friends over.
Seams like once we the people give what, at the time, seams like a reasonable inch and "they" take the unreasonable mile we can only get that mile back one inch at a time.

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