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A New 1953 Hungarian Blonde

Have been looking for a deal on an M44. There are not very many out there. Today at a gun show, I was one of the first through the door and scored what looks like a nice, clean M44. When I looked at it, I brought my bore light, my head space gauge set and some cash. This is my third Mosin so I am starting to be able to tell what's what when I look at one, thanks to the brain trust on this forum and the website.

At first, I thought the stock had been totally Bubba'd as it was blonde and sling inserts had been painted black. After looking at the website, I realized that this Hungarian H2 Arsenal M44 is supposed to be blonde, very cool Of course, someone has put some varnish on it to make it shiny, but so what, I don't care, this will be a shooter, not a collector.

1. All numbers match
2. Metal is all beautiful
3. Barrel needs to be cleaned but looks really nice, relatively shiny, strong lands and grooves.
4. Not counterbored
5. Was missing cleaning rod but the bayonet looks 100% clean and unused.
6. Head space was good

At first I was thinking I will refinish it. But the blonde look is growing on me, it looks different than every other Mosin. The black, painted sling ferrules look kind of lame but I can probably remove the paint from them. Negotiated to a little over $235.00, what do you think? Did I do okay? It drives me crazy that I probably could have scored this for $129.00 just a year or two ago but Mosin prices are climbing and clean, nice condition M44s are tough to find. I am happy with it, can't wait to go bruise my shoulder and make some big fireballs.

Oh, yeah, best source for a "02" stamped M44 cleaning rod? Numrich? Sarco?

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