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Well I have a M&P Pro and regular M&P9. On the M&P9 I put an Apex kit in it---it's a much better gun than the Pro with that set up IMO. So, with that said I'd go with this:

or with night sights:

You'll get LE pricing there, free shipping, and can still use the $50 rebate. Use the money saved to buy an APEX kit and you'll have a fantastic gun. They also have the model you want for $475 shipped + 20 transfer - $50 rebate = $445.

I say this because I hate it when my Soldiers come in to show me their new gun from the PX and then tell me the 'deal' they got on it (facepalm). "Why didn't you ask me first?" is always my question followed by "I could have told you where to get it cheaper...."

Obligatory eye candy:
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