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S&W M&P 9mm vs M&P Pro Series 9mm?

So I made a thread earlier about being new to the forums and new to handguns all around. So I have been shopping around, going to the range a couple more times and even became a member with one of them. With my shopping around, it seems like the Smith and Wesson M&P is going to be the best deal I can find, for right now at least, being military. At the Base Exchange, I came upon a M&P 9mm Pro Series with the 5" barrel, versus the 4.25", for $600 tax free, plus 10% S&W discount, PLUS $50 mail in rebate for S&W... total price of $490. It has the fiber optic front sight as well. Pretty good deal it seems, eh?

I guess my question is, are there different pros or cons between a 4.25" barrel and a 5" barrel? Which is better for my intended use (explained in the next sentence). My intended use is home defense and will see the range often for practice, no plans of carrying. I am sure I can have the employee order me a regular M&P with a 4.25" barrel and have a discount but the 5".
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