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"Perhaps suggest they lose the Stingers and use 40 grain solids. Less noise and flash, with more penetration." Quote by Elmer

Roger that Elmer. The gals had tried a variety of 22 ammo through the Ruger SR22 and even though Ruger claims it will function reliably with all ammo, they claimed CCI Stingers were the most reliable.

I just use Federal Valu Pack and I prefer 22 long rifle ammo in the 1200 fps range but I do not use 22 long rifle for self defense. By the way Federal Value pack is 4 cents a round and Stingers are 13 cents a round.

Since the gals wanted the CCI Stingers I looked at probably a dozen ammo sites for them and they were out or backordered, finally found them at Cabelas for $65 for 500 rounds and ordered 4000 rounds.
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