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We just had a big 22 long rifle shoot in Missouri with 22 rifles and handguns. I took four 22 pistols a Ruger Mark III with a Burris 2x handgun scope and a Ruger Mark III with a Ultradot Red Dot Scope and a Browning Buckmark and a Sig Trailside with iron sights. Took four Ruger 10/22 rifles and a CZ 511 rifle all with scopes others brought a Browning semi auto, a Mossberg bolt action and a vintage Remington pump action.

We tried out various 22 ammo and had a blast with a lot of rounds going downrange, I love the 22 long rifle round but it would be near my last choice for self defense.

That being said I have two women friends who are using it for self defense, they are getting their concealed weapons permits and are shooting CCI stingers, one has the new Ruger SR22 pistol and the other lady has not bought a handgun yet. They both were at the shoot and on close self defense ranges at human torso targets shooting dead center mass they were keeping most of the rounds on target shooting speed drills. As with any caliber advised them to keep shooting until the threat was no longer a threat and then no longer shoot, which may or may not take longer with a 22 caliber weapon.

I am hoping as they get comfortable shooting that they graduate to a 9mm or 38 Special, but even if they do not, it is comforting to know they are carrying a firearm and learning self defense.
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