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I met my wife cause she lived with her parents, who are my brothers neighbors. She was raised with guns in the house, and her dad going hunting, and did shoot occasionally when she was younger, but was never really into them until we started dating.

I would have been ok if she didn't want to shoot with me, as long as she understood that the target shooting, hunting, and reloading is something i enjoy, and I have no plans to give it up.

She never hated guns, just had other hobbies and interests that she prefered at the time. Her dad has been a LEO for about 25 years now, the last few as a Lieutenant in their Detective division (was also officer in charge of the SWAT team for several years), and used to take her to the range and shoot M4's, Galil's, all the AK variants you can think of, highpowered rifles, and all kinds of pistols and shotguns. She said she had lots of fun doing it, but it sounds like it was just something to do with her dad at that time, instead of something she was really into herself.

She started shooting again when we started dating (think it was our 3rd or 4th "date"), and even bought two pistols of her own before we got married, and is now looking at getting her own shotgun. She started going more regularly until problems during pregnancy with out daughter forced her into pretty much a bedrest situtation. Now that our daughter is here and a few months old, she is looking to get out and shoot more.
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