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Originally Posted by vandyatc View Post
it's going to be perfectly clear after this question that I am a city boy now
- Abundantly clear

Originally Posted by ChasingWhitetail91 View Post
I'd go shooting again if i were you and set a trail cam looking at the vehicles and try and catch them in the act.
- So they pay for new paint...then what? Next time they'll be smart enough to wear a hoodie or something. Bold enough to F with guys vehicles who are shooting "hundreds" of rounds, but not enough to do it again? Doubt it.

What you need to do is get a ghillie suit and have one guy stay behind with a 2-way, wait for the D bag...then open a good old fashioned can of Whoop a$$. Nothing says "don't mess with my truck" better than a whoopin. Lol

Originally Posted by chexmix View Post
I'm 28 and my two buddies are 25, adults by law but some people at work still call me a kid, lol.
I'm 27 turning 28 this month (oh man), and I get the same kind of crap. They judge a book by it's cover. Yeah, I'm not exactly my fighting weight right now...but I'll still out shoot any ignorant old bastard who makes that mistake. They don't have a clue what's on my resume. I do. :-)

Originally Posted by Hiker 1 View Post
I shoot on public land all the time. I also have a "leave no trace" policy for myself and whomever I'm shooting with.

Brass, soda cans, shot-up targets, perforated living trees - all of that stuff can have as much of an effect on policy change as the gunfire itself.
- That's the biggest problem where I shoot. It's "public" And over time they have come in and put up signs, warnings, etc...and brass isn't even a problem there, a couple local country boys come in once or twice a week and collect it all. Just D bags leaving trash.

I'm a firm believer in cleaning up anything you brought in, you take out. "Pack it in, Pack it out". I was in Scouting in my younger years and learned a lot of respect for my surroundings. EVERY camping trip we took, the last thing we would do after packing all the gear out and loading in the trucks...was police the area. Anything that didn't belong, came with us. Same thing when we hiked in just minus the trucks. Lol

Originally Posted by Ricklin View Post

I don't know that any of us enjoy the noise our firearms make. One can buy a suppressor over the counter in some European countries.

It's time to make these devices as easy to buy as the guns we install them on.
Are they not legal in your state? Or are you just meaning the hoops we have to jump through to get one? I'll be getting one for my .22 in January and possibly my .45.
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