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If you are a medium to large and beyond size man, you should be able to front pocket carry a PM9 size 9 mm.
You may need to buy a few pairs of new pants with more voluminous pockets though.

I have some pants and shorts that my PM9 won't conceal in the front pocket of, so I know. I use a DeSantis Nemesis when I do carry in in my front pocket of pants and shorts and in the pockets of coats, bibs and coveralls. I've tried carrying it in a pair of pants, that in my opinion, offer the least acceptable concealment of the ones I own and I wore them around people trained to notice concealed weapons. If any of them noticed, they didn't let on.

However, as others have noted, a PM9 is in no way as easy to carry as a Ruger LCP, P3AT, etc in a pocket. Thats the trade off for having a cartridge(9mm Parabellum) that is roughly twice as powerful as .380 ACP.

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