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tipoc: Since you're wanting to discuss proof...

There is a link to a story.

Pretty clear that the story linked to is fiction.
Where is your proof?

So what is the point of the thread? If the point is that folks should consider the .22 in small pocket guns for self defense then just say so please and make your case.
The point is....there is a place for the .22lr in a SD battery. The point is.... the .22lr round will cause damage enough to a BG that will allow you to survive....not bounce off a BG's hide and make him mad like many here seem to think. The point is.....even the lowly .22lr is a dangerous round and should be respected and utilized as such. The point is....the .22lr is another tool in the SD toolbox that can be useful in certain circumstances.

As I said before, I'm not getting rid of my 9mm or .357Mag anytime soon. But that LCR-22 I've been eyeing may be more useful than I initially thought.

Not looking to make any converts here....just to start some critical thinking...
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