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I was recently buying a gun in this niche and voted with my wallet.

The store didn't have a Shield, but they had several other guns that I could look at side by side, and I considered the Ruger LC9, the Kel Tec PF-9, the SIG P290, the Beretta Nano, and the Kahr CM9.

I bought the SIG P290, and a week later I came back and also bought the Kel Tec. I went to the store the first day thinking I would be buying the Kahr BTW.

I love that SIG. Reasonably accurate, considering the size it is comfortable to shoot, 100% reliable so far (only had it a few weeks, but based on my prior SIG experience I expect it to stay reliable), and while a little heavy for pocket carry (which helps the recoil control), it conceals quite nicely. I did return and buy the lighter Kel Tec (it weighs less fully loaded than any of the guns on your list weigh empty) as an inexpensive toy which might be slightly more suitable for pocket carry on occasion.
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