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I am currently considering a smaller service pistol or larger compact in either 9mm or .40S&W for winter CCW duties. The current 24/7 G2 and 24/7 G2 Compact are high on my list.

Since you mention the PT140 Millennium Pro, I will say it is one of the big reasons I'm considering the 24/7. I'm a teacher, I'm not rich, but I'm over going inexpensive just because it is inexpensive. The inexpensive factor is not an advantage to me if the gun doesn't perform. My 2nd Generation PT140 M. Pro has been a terrific gun (my Taurus revolvers have been as well), and a similar gun in a larger size may be nice.

I'm not sure I love the SA/DA trigger they went to several years back, seems like a gimmick. SA first shot but with a DA follow-up if you have a dud primer so you have 2nd strike capability, can't hurt, but not a big deal. If not for the unique Taurus safety, the SA/DA might be a disadvantage. I like the frame mounted 1911 style safety that Taurus uses (up is safe, down is fire). However, I'm moving away from safeties and towards DAO or DA/SA with a decocker and no safety on my self defense guns, and the popularity of other self-defense guns with that MOA shows many others are as well. A SA first trigger pull means you need the safety, and that might have hurt Taurus sales, if not for the unique safety. Their safety allows you to carry in condition one, but it also works as a decocker so you can carry DA/SA with the safety engaged or you can safely carry with the safety disengaged (my preference). Choice is good I suppose.

While I don't own a 24/7 so I can't directly comment upon that gun, I do have the previously mentioned Millennium Pro. Accuracy is OK but not stellar, but definitely decent. I would expect the full-sized 24/7 with the longer sight radius to be an improvement, and most of what I read confirms that. It has been totally reliable with the only hiccup being caused by a bad round. I have had an issue with the rear sight coming loose- nothing some loctite couldn't have fixed but I didn't bother. Eventually I lost the rear sight when the screw backed out, but I didn't care because I planned to replace it with night sights anyway. I have well over 2K rounds through it (I stopped counting after a while) and I am more than willing to trust it with my life (I sometimes use it as my home defense pistol, and it is in my carry rotation when I am out of state where I can use my UT permit).

While I have liked my Taurus handguns, I own a Ruger (and have had others), a CZ (and have had another), a SIG (and had 2 others), and several S&Ws. I will spend money on an expensive pistol when it is the best choice. While I like Taurus, CZ and SIG, I am not particularly brand loyal. That said, the 24/7 is on my short list of 4 or 5 guns I've narrowed my current list down to, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one to someone else.
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