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Hello Jim.

I have a Model 66 Stainless .357 with serial #2K75XXX and a Model 36 .38 Chief's Special 48JXXX. The Special is in the original box, a set of both Mother of Pearl(?) and wood grips, with all paper work and bore brush.

I would appreciate any info you may give me.

The storied history I mentioned earlier......

One other thing...the .32 S&W Long and the .22 Lady Smith that you dated for me two pages back were given to me by the widow of a grandnephew of Sarah Louisa Shull, Sarah ran away from the area with the local sheriff in the late 1800's (he was married, she was not), and later joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West show and toured with him for years, until shortly before the show's demise in 1913. Allegedly, both revolvers were hers, along with a Crackshot Rolling Block .22 single shot rifle. That is the "Storied History", or legend, as it was told to me 9 years ago. The weapons were the property of the grandnephew until he passed away in 2004. He was a great friend and died at the young age of 76.


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