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See my advice was based off of his first post, where money is no object. If that is the case than a Tac-50 with a USO or S&B on top will be hard to beat. The Sig is the same action but just about 3 lbs lighter than the Tac50. The Sig is made by McMillan, but the differences between the two other than weight is cosmetic. My Bushmaster shoots as good as the Tac-50, AR-50 or any other commercial 50bmg out there, but weight is its only downfall(34lbs w/full magazine). The only reason I picked it is the recoil factor(lowest recoil I have found) and it still incorperates a magazine (10round). Another great rifle is the Accuracy International 50. The downfall to these is there are limited places that stock them. Any of these mentioned in this thread are great rifles. The main thing is to find the one that suits yours needs.
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