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Nope, it has a Mannlicher (sp?) style clip that falls out the bottom when the last round is stripped (said hole is why the guns were notorious for getting full of grime). If the internal follower/spring and floorplate are removed, there appears to be enough room for some sort of box (whether internal or detachable), but the round retention would have to come from that box, it looks like, since there is just no good way to attach feed lips well in there (no metal on the sides of the magwell).

I need to get measurements of some type of single-stack curved mag (Madsen comes to mind; SVT mags are too pricey ), since this is likely the route I'll have to take. I'd probably shorten the things to <10 rounds to cut down on the ridiculous factor, and weld/rivet feed lips over the end (if they don't come with them).

Does anybody know how Mosins, Enfields, SVTs and the like keep from getting rim-lock due to recoil josteling rounds in the magazine? Or is proper loading the only solution (a la .22LR magazines)?

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