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I have a 700P that will not shoot 150/155 gr. bullets worth a hoot.

Mine comes alive with 168 gr, Nosler Custom Competition or Sierra 175 gr. Matchkings.

I have tried various powders and have pretty much settled down to H380 and BLC(2).

I don't have the load data in front of me but I do not load very hot.

I load to 2.800 oal unless I am shooting Berger 175 gr VLD. Those I load at
-.065 in. off the lands.

You will be AMAZED at how your groups can diverge depending on seating depth.

The same load can be really good or just terrible with as little as
+/- .010 in.deviation on seating depth.

I posted some groups a couple of years ago on this forum showing just how much deviation one can see. I will see if I can find the post.

If you check on all my posts, you can find back in 2009 about groupings.

It will be on the last page ( earliest ) of my posts. Lots of good stuff there.

Anyway, Berger has some good information for working up a load and that data can be used for other bullet manufacturers.

Carpe Cerveza

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