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Originally Posted by D3MON
what stock do you suggest?
Well here was my take on it because I tried to do exactly what you suggested in your first post. The easiest way to get a quality stock is to call Savage and buy an Accustock, but be prepared for sticker shock. Savage quoted me almost $400 for it a few years ago, and that wasn't including any bottom metal that I was going to need to convert over from a blind magazine.

Since you said that you just bought the Savage I'm guessing it the "Center feed Action" with 4.4" spacing between your two action screws. This will severely limit your choices available in an aftermarket stock as the demand for hunting style stocks hasn't been high enough yet to get aftermarket companies to change the old stock patterns over to fit the new screw spacing. This doesn't mean you cant modify an old stock to fit a new action since all they did was move the front action screw forward, but since you aren't using a blind magazine this could prove a little more challenging.

Your options really are limited on what you are going to find.

1. Call Savage and buy a new Accustock.
2. Do some serious searching online for a used Accustock.
3. Call Stockade Gunstocks or McMillan and have them build you the stock you want for at most $150-200 more than an Accustock.
4. Go to a wood stock like Boyds or Stockys offers and buy the pieces to convert to a blind mag or have someone inlet for your bottom metal if you can't do this yourself.
6. Full length bed your rifle using an aluminum or carbon fiber arrow shaft to stiffen up the forearm, this is what I did. I used an old aluminum arrow that I had and a $30 Acraglass bedding kit from the local Sportsman's Warehouse.
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