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You could contact Savage about buying one. Savage has changed their actions several times and buying aftermarket for them is confusing. It is easy to get a stock that does not fit your gun. Even the factory accustock won't fit some fairly new rifles.

In my experience buying straight from the factroy will get you more quailty for the dollar than aftermarket at times. Other times it is cheaper to go aftermarket, but you won't know until you price one from Savage.

Ebay or buying used is a good idea if you are certain it will fit your gun. Many guys put on aftermarket stock and sell the factory stocks at good prices. If you look around you may find a deal, but it could take months. I have 3 rifles in McMillans I bought used. I kept my eyes open for over a year looking for 2 of them and used the factroy stock until I did.
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