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Posts: 171 Front Sight this spring! I was browsing the search on TFL this morning and read a post by George Hill about Dr. Piazza and Front Sight. So I went and checked out the website and found what appeared to be a new ad that came out today, not sure. Free submachine gun training for a day, which includes ammo, breakfast, lunch, and beverages. What more could I ask for. So I faxed them an application for my friend and I for the 21st of April class. They said they would send me confirmation, today. I live in Vegas, so it won't be much of a drive. I think it is about 40-60 minutes outside Vegas.

If it goes well, I might sign up for a 2-4 day handgun class. I am pretty stoked because firearm training courses don't come cheap. I paid over $200.00 for a crappy 2 day handgun course by an instructor, who writes for a popular gun rag, who will remain nameless. Has anyone taken any courses at Front Sight? If so, can you give me any feedback?

If anyone is interested for the same date, maybe we could take the same vehicle?

They will be providing Uzis for the training.

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