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You provided some real nice information, even with out much information to go on.
Thanks, I found that interesting.

I am going to go on a M die buying binge one of these days.

Back to 1911 fanatic's issue as guessed by me. He may also be having seating depth issues.
I inferred from his post, problems going into battery.

When I first started loading my own cast bullets in my 45. I used the LEE 230 gr rn bullets.
Those things are fatties. I was seating them at the same OAL as other 230 gr rn bullets and they would not feed.
I resorted to pulling the barrel out of my 1911 and using it as a gauge.
I would seat the bullet a little at a time and see if it would fit the chamber.
Turns out you really need to seat those suckers in there pretty far.

I ended up selling that mold off and getting a Lyman 220 gr rn mold.
Has a different tip. Has more margin for seating depth. They shoot good too.
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