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My handle is from my fraternity. My nickname was Gus. I am a Sigma Chi. I took my test and passed with 94% at the range. I was told by my gunsmithing friend that I should just go handle a few of them to see what fits the best. He recommends a revolver for strictly personal protection because they work 100% of the time, and if something doesn't fire, just keep squeezing the trigger. This makes sense to me, but I shoot recreationally a great deal and as stated, I am a rifle person (mid to long range). I like a good accurate gun, partially because I am a fairly accurate shooter. For first carry, I am really looking into smaller pistols. For recreational, I have been looking at 1911s. They felt the best to me. I tested pointing with a glock 22 and my instructor (my gunsmithing friend) noticed my grip automatically being altered to fit the grip. It was an indicator in my mind that perhaps I should try other guns. I like glocks and I want to shoot them, but it is an odd grip from my natural grip. The 1911 style grips I used at the range felt great in the hand. I don't know how well carry size 1911s do, but I have been looking into them. I used to own an XD9 and I never really shot all that well with it. Perhaps it was due to grip angle. I have looked at walthers, but I still prefer the Sigs for polymers. Thanks for all of the help. I am still looking and shopping, but Deer season is coming up and I will be spending more money and time on chasing huge racks here in a few weeks lol. May have to put off a nice pistol purchase for a bit.
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