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To the O.P.

I own both examples of the mossberg 500E .410's

I haven't had the problem mentioned with the barrels,the forearms have rattle to them.

This is something I have noticed about the cruiser version,and that if the shooter isn't careful the forearm will bind and want to twist when working the action,the cure for the problem is a simple one,remove the pistol grip only stock,and throw on a 13.5 inch synthetic stock.

For a home defense setup the little .410's offer more than most folks think.

The 24-inch field model is model number 50104,it has the same total capacity as the cruiser (or Model number 50455) and because of such barrels can be interchanged between the two.

$66.18 can get a spare 50455 barrel (Which turns the field model into what I have taken to calling the DFG Mk-1,the DFG Mk-2 is the Cruiser with a normal stock in place of the P.G.O. )

They do a very good job with the Federal 3-inch #4 buck,and 2-1/2 inch Federal '000' buck.
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